• Fire protections

    “The Fireman” GP (“Strażak” Piotr Żmuda i Robert Jabłoński, Spółka Jawna) based in Warsaw, Poland, was established in 1993. We have been in the fire protection business since then.


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  • Certificates and licenses

    We have certificates, licenses and authorizations from a number of leading fire protection system suppliers including PROMAT, HILTI, ROCKWOOL, KNAUF, RIGIPS, SVT, ESSVE, ALFASEAL, PPG COATINGS, THERMICA LIMITED, KEMATHERM, SCHRACK SECONET, POLON ALFA, SIMENS, ESSER, COOPER, D+H and SMAY.

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  • Expert studies and supervision

    Our expert engineering studies are developed based on organizational and technical procedures (i) applicable to assurance of fire safety compliance by other means than those defined in the engineering/building codes, for the cases specified in these codes and (ii) applicable to the use of substitute solutions ensuring non-aggravation of fire protection conditions (…)

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System line penetrations

According to the applicable codes and regulations, each building has to be divided into “fire zones” of specific sizes by walls and ceilings of relevant fire resistance class. However, these barriers have to be often crossed by various service/utility lines. Such crossings, or “penetrations”, have to provide the same protection against permeation of fire as their surrounding walls and/or ceilings.

Depending on the type of the line crossing such structural barriers, we distinguish penetrations for:

  • cables;
  • encasing pipes;
  • ventilation ducts
  • combined infrastructure (multiple systems/lines crossing a single penetration)

Selection of the best point to cross a fire zone boundary depends on many factors, such as service/utility line, line size and fire barrier type. Accordingly, we use the most suitable penetration solutions from among the wide range of commercially available ones.

Our business related to protections for system penetrations includes:

Provision of cable penetrations through walls and ceilings:

– PROMAT system

– HILTI system

Provision of penetrations through walls and ceilings for flammable or non-flammable pipes and for synthetic rubber-insulated pipes:

– PROMAT system

– HILTI system

– ALFASEAL system

Provision of penetrations through walls and ceilings for ventilation, smoke extraction and air conditioning ducts:

– HILTI system

Provision of combined penetrations, i.e., protection for all systems within a single penetration:

– PROMAT system

– HILTI system


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