Fire protection for buildings and structures

Fire Protection in the Construction Industry

Fire protection is a priority in the construction industry. Our offer includes the protection of steel, reinforced concrete, and wooden structures, as well as improving the fire resistance of floors and roofs. We make fire resistant smoke, ventilation, and cable ducts. We secure pipe ducts, cable bushings, and ventilation penetrations, as well as expansion and construction joints. We encourage you to learn the details of the offer!

Fire protection in tunnels and refineries

Our offer includes fire protection products used in road and train tunnels, refineries, and petrochemical plants. We make protections using state-of-the-art technologies. We use flame retardant spray materials, as well as cladding with fire protective boards. More details can be found in our offer.

Fire protection for tunnels and refineries
Installation, maintenance and repair of fire protections

Installation, maintenance, and service of fire protection systems

Fire protection systems and installations form the basis for safety in public buildings. Our company offers execution of Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Voice Alarm Systems (VAS), Fixed Firefighting Equipment (FFE), sprinkler and water-spray systems, and smoke ventilation systems. We also service and maintain all fire protection systems and installations. More information on the systems offered can be found in the Offer tab.

Expertise, supervision, consulting, and simulation

The services we offer include drafting of technical expert opinions on the state of fire protection, drafting of fire safety instructions, and preparation of plans for the deployment of fire-fighting equipment. We also prepare buildings for acceptance inspections by the State Fire Service. Moreover, we provide advice and comprehensive fire supervision over facilities. We conduct evacuation exercises and fire-safety training. We encourage you to learn the details of our offer!

Expert studies, supervision, consulting and simulations

STRAŻAK - Żmuda and Jabłoński - fire protection

Welcome to the website of STRAŻAK company run by Robert Jabłoński and Piotr Żmud. We have been operating in the industry related to fire protection systems since 1993. We deal with, among others fire protection in refineries, tunnels and in construction. From the beginning of our activity, the most important for us is the satisfaction and comfort of our clients. A team of experienced employees helps us achieve this goal.

Our specialists, thanks to their extensive knowledge and practical skills, are always available to help and advise.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer today! Our many years of experience mean that we offer services at the highest level. We also encourage you to read the information about our activities.

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