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Fire-proofing of cables with PYRO SAFE bands

Products: PYRO-SAFE KS 1-CR fire-proofing band, PYRO-SAFE DG-CR fire-proofing band

The bands are made from a special fabric reinforced with glass fiber, secured with a thin coat of polyurethane sheath on the outside and containing a refractory compound on the inside, the latter producing a thermal barrier when exposed to heat.

The PYRO-SAFE KS1-CR band is intended for use indoors, in dry premises, while the PYRO-SAFE DG-CR band is designed both for rooms with increased humidity and for outdoor applications.

Applications: fire-proofing for single cables, cable bundles and cable trays laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally, preventing cable ignition from external flame and from internal heat buildup or short-circuit

Fire resistance: resistance to vertical propagation of flame along vertically installed cable or lead bundles of category A


  • Elastic and easy to apply
  • Odorless and environment-friendly
  • High yield (low material cost)
  • Proven long lifetime


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