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Electrical system penetrations

When selecting the appropriate fire protection for electrical system penetrations, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the size of the holes;
  • the type and size of the electrical system (single cables, cable bundles, cable route penetrations, busbars);
  • the type of partition (e.g. light or solid walls, ceilings); and
  • the thickness of the partition.

Due to the extensive possibilities of combination of the above-mentioned factors, we make electrical system protections using Promat, Hilti, Alfaseal, K-FLEX, and Würth technologies, which provide a wide range of applications and are characterized by the highest quality.


PROMAT systems:

PROMASTOP - Kombischott Type A cable penetrations

Products: PROMASTOP - E fire stopping coating.

PROMASTOP - M cable penetrations

Product:  PROMASTOP - M fire stopping mortar.

PROMASTOP - CC cable penetrations

Product: PROMASTOP - CC fire stopping coating.

Seals for cable bundles and cables in corrugated protective pipes

Product: fire stopping acrylic PROMASEAL - AG.

Single cable penetrations

Product: fire stopping acrylic PROMASEAL - A.


HILTI products:

  • CP 673 fire stopping coating;
  • CFS-M RG fire stopping mortar;
  • CFS-IS acrylic;
  • CFS-D 25 fire stopping cable disk;
  • CFS-F FX fire stopping foam;
  • CFS-CC fire stopping collar; and
  • CFS SL fire stopping sleeve.


ALFASEAL products:

  • ALFA FR MASTIC acrylic;
  • ALFA FR COAT I and ALFA FR COAT A intumescent paint;
  • ALFA FIREFOAM PREMIUM fire stopping foam;
  • INTU FR TRANSIT fire stopping sleeve; and
  • INTU FR BRICK fire stopping blocks.


K-FLEX products:

  • IC15WB 3M FIRE BARRIER sealant;
  • K-FIRE SEALANT A PLUS water-based sealant; and


WÜRTH products:

  • CABLE TRANSIT fire stopping sleeve;
  • ACR 240 fire stopping acrylic sealant;
  • FPMF fire stopping boards; and


Systems for busbar penetration protection:

  • Promat PROMATECT-H board;
  • CP 673 Hilti products line.