Sprinkler and spray systems

Sprinkler and spray systems are the most popular group of fixed extinguishing equipment, used for suppressing fire in its initial phase.

A sprinkler system performs the following main tasks:

  • Immediate detection of the onset of a fire and its suppression in the initial phase

A spray system performs the following main tasks:

  • Fire suppression in its initial phase

Main components of a sprinkler system:

  • Control and alert station
  • Network of water lines
  • Sprinklers with heat detectors

Main components of a spray system:

  • Control station
  • Network of water lines
  • Open-nozzle sprayers

The sprinkler system contains water under pressure. After the breakout of a fire, a heat-sensitive component of the sprinkler head breaks or fuses, which triggers the pumping of water to the area concerned. Water is ejected in the form of pre-defined jets. Only sprinklers located near the fire are opened.

The sprayer system is normally empty. When it is activated, water is fed to the whole system. The system can be controlled pneumatically, electrically or manually, as required. It is used for protection of large-footprint industrial facilities. It can operate as a stand-alone fire extinguishing solution or as a support for other system using sprinklers.

“The Fireman” GP designs and fabricates sprinklers meeting the VDS CEA, NFPA 13 and PN-EN 12845 standards, using components from VIKING, TYCO, MINIMAX and RAPIDROP. We provide our Clients with sprinkler devices tailored to their specific requirements.