Smoke extraction systems

Smoke extraction systems are used to eliminate smoke, heat and toxic gases from areas affected by a fire. This equipment enables save evacuation by sealing off escape routes from smoke, or by clearing them, and protects structures of the building against damage from heat.

We can distinguish the following systems in terms of the method of protection against smoke:

  • Gravitational smoke removal systems using the difference of pressures between smoke extraction and fresh air supply openings, and the heated gas convection phenomenon;
  • Mechanical smoke extraction systems with air flow forced by fans;
  • Pressure differential smoke extraction systems combining mechanical smoke extraction with pressure differential control.

A smoke extraction/removal system performs the following main tasks:

  • Provides for safe evacuation and protects building structures against harmful buildup of heat by eliminating smoke, toxic gases and heat from fire zones and escape routes.

Main components of a smoke extraction system:

  • Central smoke extraction/removal control unit
  • Smoke extraction gate valves
  • Manual smoke extraction/removal activation buttons
  • Fire detectors

A professionally designed and implemented smoke extraction system protects escape routes against accumulation of smoke and provides for safe evacuation of endangered areas.

We can offer value-added assistance for any project stage, starting from the initial site visit and risk assessment, through the design and installation work, ending with technical support and maintenance of the systems in place.