Combined penetrations

Combined penetrations are characterized by the greatest variety of system lines passing through one hole. The systems used by our company allow to protect penetrations of electrical systems, combustible pipes, and non-combustible pipes in synthetic rubber lagging.

PROMAT system - PROMASTOP Kombischott Type A.

Products: PROMASTOP E (Coating), PROMASTOP - UniCollar.


PROMAT system - combined penetrations, PROMASTOP I coating.

Products: PROMASTOP - I fire stopping mortar, PROMASEAL - AG fire stopping acrylic, PROMASTOP - I fire stopping coating.


PROMAT system - combined penetrations, PROMASTOP CC coating.

Products: PROMASTOP - CC fire stopping coating, PROMASTOP W fire stopping tape, PROMASTOP FC fire stopping collar.


HILTI System - CP 673 products line for protection of combined system line penetrations.

Products: CP 673 fire stopping coating, CFS-B fire stopping bandage, and CFS-EL endless fire stopping collar.


HILTI system - fire stopping foam

Products: CFS-F FX fire stopping foam.


HILTI System - fire stopping mortar

Products: CFS-M RG fire stopping mortar, CFS-C fire stopping collar, and CFS-B fire stopping bandage.


SVT BRANDSCHUTZ system - EI120 PYRO-SAFE universal combination partition.

Products: PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST KS1 paint, PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST KS3 coating, PYRO-SAFE DG-CRF wrap, and PYRO-SAFE DG-CRF fire stopping fabric.


WÜRTH System - FPMF Board

Products: FPMF fire stopping board, ACR 240 fire stopping acrylic sealant, and FP PIPE WRAP.



Products: FP Mortar and FP PIPE WRAP.