Fixed firefighting equipment with gaseous extinguishing agents

Fixed firefighting equipment automatically detects and signals the onset of a fire and initiates the extinguishing of the area of its coverage. The purpose of the equipment is to prevent damage to premises and their contents. As a rule, they are installed in facilities holding property of significant value (such as museums, archives or warehouses) or important for maintaining uninterrupted operation of protected facilities (such as server rooms or data processing centers).

The extinguishers can use the following media:

  • Pure gases (FM-200 or Novec 1230);
  • Inert gases (Inergene, Argonite);
  • Carbon dioxide.

Fixed equipment with gaseous media performs the following main tasks:

  • Detects immediately and reliably the onset of a fire and extinguishes it before it can propagate to an extent difficult to control

Main components of fixed extinguishers with gaseous media:

  • Central control unit
  • Manual START/STOP buttons
  • Fire detectors
  • Gas cylinders
  • Solenoid valves
  • Extinguishing nozzles

Professionally designed and implemented fixed firefighting equipment with gaseous extinguishing agents ensures immediate fire detection and suppression for protection of valuable assets.

We can offer value-added assistance for any project stage, starting from the initial site visit and risk assessment, through the design and installation work, ending with technical support and maintenance of the systems in place.